Here you can see a part of the realized facade projects:

Ministry of Finance, Skopje
Sun City, Belgrade
Hotel Falkensteiner, Belgrade
Facade construction, installation and execution
ELEM, Skopje
West 65, Belgrade
Blok 11B, Belgrade
Blok 11, Belgrade
Fashion Outlet Center, Indjija
Consulting and monitoring of facade construction works;
Total facade surface area: 22,000 m2
Dr Oetker factory, Simanovci
Blok 11B, Belgrade
Elementary School, Dojevice
Blok 43, Belgrade
Jove Ilića, Belgrade
Residential building; facade construction and installation.
Total facade surface area: 1,700 m2
Special Hospital, Vrnjacka Banja
Facade construction and installation
Total facade surface area executed: 2,000 m2
Maternity Hospital, Senta
Residental Block Reva, Belgrade
Thermal facade installation
Total facade surface area: 10,000 m2
Grammar School, Vrnjacka Banja
Facade renovation. Total renovated facade surface area:
2,600 m2
Global, Novi Sad
Facade construction
Total facade surface area: 3,000 m2
Dobracina 42, Belgrade
Residental building facade construction. Total facade surface area: 4,200 m2
Elementary School, Lucani
Facade renovation; Total renovated facade area: 3,770 m2
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