Building facades is multi-stage process where a single mistake can be costly and have a negative effect on the further stages of a project. Careful consideration of various aspects of a project (such as precise defining of the materials and resources usage in every stage, specification of the material that are to be utilized, weather conditions affecting the building process etc.) reduces the possibility of errors occurrence. Thanks to our experience we are capable of offering additional consultancy and supervision service to those investors who already have their contractors but want to be sure that final result is on the highest level.    


As consultants on a project we provide the optimal building site organization, the building procedures and solutions for specific situations which may occur in the construction process. Our goal is to define the optimum of material and resources to be used, and to anticipate possible problems and critical situations, and to offer appropriate alternative solutions.

Supervision and control of workflows


Our supervision service is envisaged as a preventive acting aiming at avoiding possible mistakes and problems, and not to be subjected to criticism after given mistakes have already occurred.


Fermax as a project supervisor has the role of acting before a problem has occurred and solving it proactively, avoiding a mistake as its consequence. By cooperating with workers on site and with daily supervision of the building process, we ensure strict following of the pre-agreed procedures and instant acting in crisis situations. This also makes possible that the deadlines given for every building stage will be duly met.

We want to provide flawless final project in our property of advisers and partners, which is also a mutual interest of both contractors and builders. In other words we want a façade that is built adequately within the given deadlines, which satisfies the designed functionality and esthetics requirements and is long lasting defying the weather conditions.


We are committed to the highest standards of workmanship and the use of the best materials available. We constantly use innovative products, training methods and tools. In addition to this, we offer the highest service level during the monitoring process so that any given situation can be resolved timely.

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