Expertise, experience, quality

As a firm developing over 20 years, Fermax have become one of the market leaders in the facades, with more than 500 successfully undertaken projects. Our team of highly qualified, skilled and well-trained operatives, supervisors and managers is our biggest asset, providing the best possible service to investors.


We are focused on specific needs and requirements of each particular project (on any scale) and committed to exceed all investors' expectations.


We propose optimal solutions by analyzing and reviewing all relevant features of the project and we execute it by conducting and maintaining facades in compliance with all European standards for energy efficient construction works. On top of facade works, our experience and expertise enable us to offer consulting, monitoring and supervision services to investors, as well.


Principles of quality, innovation and expertise we aim to, and proven track-record of over 600,000 square meters constructed facades are reflected in the high reputation and credibility among investors and international industry institutions. 


With the introduction of new legislation, setting high standards of energy efficiency, facade became even more important. Therefore, Fermax is actively involved in market, investor, and general public education, thus saving energy and money. 

Brand Leader Award 

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Keep the promise and exceed expectations. Being open, honest, and fair in business.


Every step in the process is carefully considered, planned and performed with respect to the norms, project's deadlines and investor's requirements.


The authority based on knowledge, education and experience. Continuous education of employees, following latest technological trends, using the most modern equipment and tools.


We respect the opinions of others, and we are ready to face any challenge. We respect the interests of investors, our associates, community and competition.

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